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French Camembert

French Camembert

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This soft, aged cheese is made in small flat wheels that are similar to Brie in appearance; it has a slightly bitter, delicate, salty flavor and a soft, edible rind. This traditional Camembert is made in Normandy from fresh, raw cows’ milk. A three-day process initiates the cheese preparation, during which the milk is ladled into molds, rennet and distinctive bacteria are added, and the cheese mixture is salted. Penicillium camemberti is the bacterium that produces the characteristic edible and velvety white or light gray mold of the rind. The cheese is aged for a little more than two weeks, and then ready for the market. The ingredients and methods of production are regulated by French government standards.

* This Product is a Perishable Item and Must Be Shipped Via Next Day Air.


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