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Hot Capocollo

Hot Capocollo

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$19.99 19 oz.
For many Capocollo or Capicola offers a pleasure to rival that of Prosciutto. Without doubt, the appeal of Capocollo is great. Capocollo is made from specially selected and season port shoulder butt. It is slowly and naturally aged to bring out the tenderness plus the full robust flavor and aroma so popular in the Old World. Yet it can provide a hearty alternative to Prosciutto in a Saltimbocca: layered on thin slices of veal, seasoned with sage, then sautéed in butter and white wine. It's also a tantalizing addition to a pasta sauce, such as a Marinara or an Alfredo. Capocollo slices are ideal with fresh fruit or with sliced tomatoes and avocado. Capocollo can also be cut into thin strips as a delicious ingredient in quiche, omelets, soup or salads.

* This Product is a Perishable Item and Must Be Shipped Via Next Day Air.


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