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Prima Donna- Aged Gouda

Prima Donna,while similar to an aged Gouda, has lower butterfat than the required 48% for Gouda (this one has 45%), and its edges are noticeably sharper. Prima Donna has a firm, toothsome paste that retains its dense moisture and has begun to develop the characteristic caramellized flavors of longer aged Gouda styles. Aged for 14 months and made of pasteurized cow's milk. It has an ivory rind with slight rose blush; bright, crunchy texture; and a sweet, nutty flavor with a distinct caramel aftertaste. Prima Donna is an excellent starting point for people new to artisanal cheeses. Pair it with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, Amarone, or Zinfandel.

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