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Il Buon Condimento Aged Balsamic Vinegar

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Il Buon Condimento is a unique balsamic vinegar with an unforgettable flavor. It is created from the careful marriage of cooked must and wine vinegar, left to age 5 years in barrels made of precious wood and lovingly cared for over the years according to the traditions of the Dodi family.

Il Buon Condimento has a relatively high degree of acidity and a distinct flavor that lends a light and discreet taste to various uses.

Perfect uncooked, to flavor salads, raw vegetable dips and thinly sliced raw meat. Also a perfect base when cooking game and poultry. A true, valued touch that can at the same time transform the simplest dish into a refined dish.

Produced in Reggio Emilia from Acetaia Dodi and considered one of the best balsamic condiments produced in Italy!