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San Giuliano 10 yr. Balsamic Vinegar

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250 ml
San Giuliano 10 yr. Balsamic Vinegar

The San Giuliano Balsamic Vinegar is obtained by boiling the trebbiano grapes produced in the province of Modena. It is subsequently aged in small wooden barrels made of oak, mulberry, chestnut, cherrywood and juniper, each of them contributing to the rich and complex aroma of the product. Our vinegar is only filtered and does not undergo any thermal or chemical treatment. It is a natural product characterized by a dark ruby color, complex and penetrating aroma and sweet and sour taste with velvety sensations. Appearance: Limpid and glossy.
Color: Rich brown.
Aroma: Characteristic, persistent, intense and delicate; pleasantly vinegary.
Flavor: Well-balanced sweet-sour
Use: Wonderful on broiled meats and roasts; excellent on aged cheeses, strawberries and radicchio, onions, fresh and steamed vegetables.