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Steak Serving & Cooking Tips

Cooking Tips for Steaks:

Our suggestion is to thaw the steaks first, although they can be cooked frozen. If cooking frozen, allow almost twice the time. For best results, use tongs when turning steaks, forks will pierce the meat, allowing juices to escape. Remember steaks will continue to cook a little after removing them from the grill or oven.

When cooking steaks follow the chart below:


Type of Steak Thickness Rare Medium
Filet Mignon 1-¼" to 1-½" 8-10 minutes 10-12 minutes
New York Strip 1- 1 ¼" 8-10 minutes 10-12 minutes
Ribeye 1- 1 ¼" 8-10 minutes 10-12 minutes
Porterhouse 1- 1 ¼" 8-10 minutes 10-12 minutes
Top Sirloin 1- 1 ¼" 8-10 minutes 10-12 minutes


Cooking times are in total minutes. When cooking steaks, turn once.

To check the meat for doneness you can do the following touch test. Rare will be soft and spongy; medium will have a springy feel; and well done will be firm.

Note: These times are for cooking with electric, for cooking with gas increase the cooking time slightly. Preheat broiler, place on rack approximately 4" from heat.