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Albertengo Lemon Panettone

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1 kilo (2.2 lb)

The Albertengo firm was founded before 1905 from a generation of bakers in Torre San Giorgio, a small village at the foot of the Alps. In 1950, Mr. Domenico Albertengo, following the changes of modern times, decided to start the adventure in the world of pastry and baked the first Panettone, combining the traditional aroma of bread with the delicate scent of cakes. Elegant wrapping, particular ribbons and decorative labels, complete the image of a Christmas cake.

The famous Sorrento’s lemon converted in fresh candied has replaced in this Panettone the classical ingredients, producing a new taste, quite unique, of a cake really special. The jellow ribbon, that complete and make precious the packaging remind the vivid and bright colour of Sorrento’s lemon.