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Linguine Fini no. 8

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1 lb.
Linguine fini

Linguine fini (small linguine) belong to the Linguine family and are a Ligurian specialty. They take their shaped after a small flat thin tagliatella and they differ from the normal sized Linguine in thickness, which is inferior to their section. Their thickness varies between 1,30-1,37 mm. Serve Linguine with fresh or canned tomato sauces, with vegetables and seasoning herbs, with quick hot sauces, such as with a drop of extra virgin olive oil, garlic, red hot peppers and anchovies. Fish sauces with shellfish and fruit de mar, "white" sauces made with milk cream, mascarpone, soft and melted cheeses, adding spices such as saffron, radish curry and ginger.